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Military Record of Egidius Moll


  • Military Record Summary

  • Translation by Karl Mandl reads:

    #213 Artillery Regiment - Chief Gunner Egidius Moll

    Homeland: Urloffen, County Appenweier, Circle Kinzig.

    Day of decoration per highest order: August 24, 1809.

    Reason: Was outstanding in several Battles and Skirmishes especially during the siege of Raab on the 15 June 1809

    Type of Medal: Silver

    Amount of yearly bonus for the medal: 30

    Notation: March 1815 Discharged.


  • Register of the owners of the Carol Friederich Military Service Medal from 1807-1814

    - this seemed to have been added on late 1830 -
    Receiver of the Decoration of the French Honor Legion.

    Karl Mandel writes:
    This 3 page letter, written for Egid Moll by someone else.
    It does have Egid's signature at the end.

    I am not going to translate this letter word for word because it was written in a very stilted and submissive way, which was the common thing to do in that era.
    However, here is what it says:

  • Addressed to the General War Administration in Karlsruhe
    This is a request from Egid Moll,
    Citizen of Urloffen,
    concerning the bonus which goes with the Medals received on 19 of March 1815


    Egid Moll states that he, being on retirement and his wife Agnes, nee Laible (could be Loible) and their 8 underage children are in debt and he wants to support them better. He has decided to emigrate to North America and has reported this to the proper authorities. He (Egid) will not be able to receive the yearly bonus in America, but because he earned the Medal through outstanding valor he requests that he should be able to further receive this Bonus to help in providing for this family during his life time.

    The letter ends with a flourish of words, expecting a favorable reply.

    Karl Mandl writes:
    This translation if pretty much word for word.

    War Administration Karlsruhe,
    on the 13th of April 1831.

    The head office Offenburg has for the to North America emigrating and with a Silver Military Service Medal decorated Egid Moll of Erloffen (sic), in reply to his letter of the 9th of this month the following statement:

    That the monthly bonus of 2F30 or the yearly bonus of 30F does not apply during his life time, unless he would establish a proxy with power of attorney, who at the end of May, every year will receive the amount stated and upon receival of same submit a receipt. At the same time it will also be required that a certified statement be submitted that Moll is living and this certified statement is to be supplied to the proxy every year.

    Tentative report from the General War Department.


  • Next group of papers:

    Karl Mandl writes:

  • Grosherzoglich Badisches
    Kriegs - Ministerium
    Kast 9 Ordens Sache Fach 9
    Carl Friederich Militair-Verdienst Medaillen

    General Determination about granting of these Decorations and Medals and Instructions about Pay increases connected therewith.

    This is a list of distribution of Decorations, Public Citations and Advancements, listed according to rank.

    24 August 1809

    Naming each military unit, then naming each men in their units.
    Egidius is on the last page #90

    M N 6227

    20 Nov 1810

    Egidius is under 4th regiment

    Then he is named under:


    He is #90 out of 100 men.

    Karl Mandel writes:
    There are few words that I can't make out, but in essence this is what it says:

    The Dragoner Regiment did not submit it's earlier Orden and Medals Candidates to the examination of the Gasterlit Ordens Capitel.

    According to an open inquest it was found that several outstanding men had not been rewarded, so the High Kingdom has decided not to wait for another Ordens Capitel.

    Distribution of the "Father Cross" may be made by the OB. Lieut. V. Heimroth, who has proven his bravery on several occasions and no other proof is necessary.

    The deeds and ___________(?) of the awarded Individuals could not be detailed because of their great number. A detailed list thereof will be happily compiled by the Ordens Secretary and forwarded to the specific Commands so that each Regiment will have the information and it can be kept in the Regimental Archives.



  • Another paper

    Karl Mandel writes:

  • # 188 Moll, Egidius, Chief Gunner, Artillery Battalion, Mounted Squadron.

    Day of decoration: August 24, 1809

    Reason of decoration: for proven heroism during the Campaign against Austria

    (Karl Mandel writes: Sorry to find that out, since I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria)

    Amount of bonus for the medal: 30F.

    #188 Moll, Egidius, Ober Canonier (in charge of cannon or upper gunner).

    Artillerie Bataillon, he is named as mounted (so riding a horse?).

    I asked Karl if 24 August 1809 was the day he was at battle or day he rec. medal.
    Karl writes it is the day of decoration.


  • An account by Louis Moll (son of Joseph Francis Moll)

    found in Brenda Moll's book (page 79), and in the collection of Justus Moll.
    (Edited by Diana Rensing.)

  • Highland Fruit Farm
    Louis Moll, Proprietor

    Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and Tree Fruits, Bee Keeper and Bee Supplies.

    Eudora, Kansas written Feb 23, 1931.

    To Justice Moll, Springfield, MO.

    This is from the old boy, Louis Moll. In regard to the medal of my grandfather, Egidius Moll. How it was got in a Battle. Where Napoleon had to retreat. A wounded captain lay by the road side. With his leg broken and horse dead. They all rode by, but this Moll. He asked up. Give me your hand. You go on and save yourself I am done for. Give me your hand. The Simmel (Editor's note - breed of horse) is good for both of us. Your good foot in the stirrup, up and Simmel beast. The Hosse gave his best spirit in ran and we went. Our sabers cutting right and left. But by and by one got me under the saber guard in wrist. That put me out. But the Captain kept on going. With his saber he was an expert. It seemed as if rain drops was falling. They would hit us. The way his saber was going and we got out.

    That is the way father was to tell it. I did not know my grandpa I was to little yet.
    I Louis Moll.
    the fifth,
    my age is 86.
    Born Sept 5, 1844
    and I like to fish yet.
    With pole and line.
    Writing is a task for me now.
    Yours truly,
    Louis Moll


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