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A Short History of Urloffen, Germany

(A few highlights translated from German to English by Jim Moll)

  • Urloffen and surrounding communities were started around 500 AD.

  • According to history Queen Uta of Schauenburg was from "Hospital St. Jakob and Johannes at Urloffen".

  • Zimmerer Waldbrief, a notary from Strassburg, translated a song from latin into German in 1389.

  • Swedish troops burned Urloffen in 1632 early in the thirty years war.

  • The population at the end of the war was about 300. It grew to 332 in 1692.

  • The seventeenth century was peaceful there until 1795 when the French revolution spilled into the area.

  • St. Martins church was completed in 1835.

  • The rest of the aritcle describes the 1848/49 revolution, the two world wars and recovery afterwards.

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