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Where Are We From?

Urloffen, Baden
Urloffen was the name of the town.
Baden was the name of the state.

Before WW I, Germany was just a loose confederacy of states, each with it's own head of state. Baden had a Duke. Bigger states like Prussia had a Kaiser.
Offenburg is another town entirely. On the map, it looks like the closest "medium sized" town to Urloffen, so it was probably used as a point of geographic reference.

Today, Urloffen no longer exists as a separate town. It was disincorporated and folded into Appenweier. However, within Appenweier,  there are still signs etc. that identify the section that was Urloffen.

Also, the state of Baden is now combined with the state of Wurttemburg.

So if you're looking for old records or talking about old history, the correct reference is "Urloffen, Baden".

But if you're looking at a current map, planning a trip, trying to call or mail something... it's the town of Appenweier in the state of Baden-Wurttemburg.
(Contributed by Mary Ann Heinsz)
And more infomation continued.......
Until about 1868 Baden was an independent state and part of the very loose Holy Roman Empire.  At that time the Franco-Prussian war was fought and Germany was formed by the other independent upper German states joining Prussia under the "Kaiser" who became an emperor.  The local kings, dukes, etc kept their positiions.  All royalty was eliminated by the revolution at the end of World War I.  Stassbourg and all of Alcase Lorraine became part of Germany from 1870 to 1918. (Contributed by Jim Moll)

Renchen, Baden

The town of Renchen, where Egidius's wife Agnes Laible came from, is still Renchen, right next to Urloffen/Appenweier. Again, the current state is Baden-Wurttemburg.  (Contributed by Mary Ann Heinsz)

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